This poor blog has seen sinfully neglect on my behalf in the last four years. But it’s another year, I have another job, I live on another continent. And to anyone who wants to attempt an international move after 8 years of living in another country, let me just say that it gets infinitely more complicated when you’ve got a ┬áhouse, cats, kids, and everything that goes with it.

Going through the blog posts, I deleted a lot of junk but left a few “interesting” ones behind, all the pages about the JCR stayed of course as well – they’ve kept this site afloat ever since CQ5 got some traction.

Shall this be the first post of many more of my musings.

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Buying a House in NY

We’ve been trying to buy an appartment or a house in the area for a few months now, and after a few failed attempts (rejected offers, failed inspections, etc), it looks like we finally found something — an entire house up in White Plains, NY. Aside from having to adapt to suburban life, my commute will actually be the same as it is now from Jersey City. Anyhow, that’s all not that interesting to you, I’m sure, so let me get to the point.

We’ve decided on a beautiful 1923 colonial-style house, and as any old house it needs a little bit of work. The most interesting part is the heating system. The house has nice old steam radiators which are powered by one of the scariest pieces of equipment I have seen in a basement to day. An old ca. 1930s furnace which seems to be and old coal furnace which was then converted to oil. The icing on the cake (yeah, really, the white stuff on the furnace) is lovely asbestos. At first, I was a wee bit freaked out about it, but I quickly learned that this is pretty normal in these old homes. Obviously the removal of the monster and the asbestos will be the first thing before we move in, but I wanted to share some pictures of this antique.

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